You offer a Personal Property Inventory form, why would I need this?
We hope that you would never "need" this form; however, property inventory forms are extremely important when reporting property loss. Most of the time when we respond to a report of stolen property, the property owners are unable to give the make, model and serial numbers of the property stolen or damaged as a result of a fire. People are also unable to adequately describe property that is not serialized such as jewelry or other collectables. For these reasons we urge people to complete and maintain a property inventory log and keep that log somewhere other than your residence. If you sell or add to your property, update the log. We also suggest that you take photos of property, especially jewelry, collectables, tools, guns, etc., to give us or your insurance company a better description of the missing or damaged property. Try to insure that any unique markings are depicted in your photos and description.Personal Property Inventory Form

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