Office of the City Attorney


The City Attorney, appointed by the Mayor with consent from the Board of Aldermen, provides legal counsel and representation to the Mayor, Board of Aldermen, City Administrator, and to the City Boards and Commissions as appointed and serves as a legal resource for all the departments of the City.

The City Attorney participates in defending or oversees the retention of outside counsel in all suits, claims, and actions of the City against others. The City Attorney supervises the preparation and/or review of contracts, deeds, resolutions, ordinances, rules and regulations, and renders opinions on such documents and ensures compliance with all City ordinances and policies and procedures.

The City Attorney serves as the City Prosecutor and prosecutes misdemeanors and infractions of any provision of the Osage Beach Municipal Code, regulation of the City, and/or any permits or entitlements authorized or issued by the City within the city limits.

The City Attorney does not provide legal advice to the citizens of Osage Beach.

City of Osage Beach Municipal Court form for Waiver of Rights and Plea of Guilty