Office of the City Administrator

City Administrator

The City Administrator's Office serves in a highly visible capacity as ambassadors for the community and to other governmental agencies ensuring superior and efficient municipal services are provided by the City of Osage Beach.

The City Administrator is subject to the Mayor and is the Administrative Officer of the City Government. The City Administrator is responsible for the executive management of the diverse operations of all departments within the City and the coordinator of all boards, commissions, and committees of the City and provides leadership, direction, policy implementation and compliance in City service. The City Administrator works directly with the Mayor, Board of Aldermen, and departmental staff on strategic and financial objectives for the City.

Functions of the City Administrator's Office:

  • General Administration
  • Organizational Development
  • Community Relations
  • Intergovernmental Relations
  • Council Support/Relations
  • City Budget, Financial Planning & Reporting
  • Purchasing & Bid Specification Oversight
  • Grant Research/Application/Administration
  • Human Resources & Labor Relations

Assistant City Administrator

The Assistant City Administrator is responsible to and held accountable by the City Administrator and serves as the City Administrator in her absence.

The Assistant City Administrator assists in the operations and the efficient management of all departments within the City and in coordinating the efforts of the departments to ensure that quality and efficient municipal services are provided to the citizens of Osage Beach.