Office of the City Clerk

The City Clerk is appointed by the Board of Aldermen and is the official custodian of all City records. The City Clerk is responsible for the preparation, execution, and archiving of all Board of Aldermen documents as prescribed by State law and City Code.

The duties of the City Clerk and his/her office include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Safely keeping and maintaining all records and papers belonging to the City in official form
  • Archiving Board of Aldermen agendas, documents, official proceedings, ordinances, resolutions, meeting documentation, and election materials
  • Maintaining boards and commissions applications and appointments
  • Administering and maintaining business licenses
  • Administering and maintaining contractor licenses 
  • Administering and maintaining dog licenses
  • Administering and maintaining liquor licenses
  • Administering Special Event Permits
  • Providing Notary Public services
  • Publicizing legal notices
  • Maintaining custody of City Seal
  • Opening and posting of bids for City projects