Information For Attorneys

Court Appearance

When an attorney wants to appear on behalf of a defendant in Municipal Court, the attorney MUST file an entry of appearance on Show-Me Courts (formerly

The Court REQUIRES personal appearances in certain cases, including but not limited to:

  • - Driving while intoxicated, suspended, or revoked
  • - All motor vehicle accidents
  • - All defendants under age 21 as of the offense
  • - All other alcohol/drug cases
  • - All cases with a victim 
  • - Speeding 20+ over

Defendants and their attorneys must personally appear unless their appearance is waived in advance by the Court or by agreement with the City Attorney. The Court does not permit appearance via Zoom, WebEx, etc. Continuances MUST be granted at least 24 hours prior to a court date.

Contacting the Prosecutor

The City Attorney is the City's prosecutor in Municipal Court. Contact with the City Attorney is preferred PRIOR to court for all attorneys representing defendants for discussion regarding recommendations. Contact by email is strongly preferred.

Acquiring Reports

Copies of reports may be obtained through the Police Department's Records Clerk.

Court Case Search

Court cases may be located through Show-Me Courts (formerly The Osage Beach Municipal Division is listed under Camden County, although the City is in both Camden and Miller Counties.