Department Funding

The City's entire water system, including maintenance, repair, line extensions, water treatment, delivery, personnel, and equipment is operated with funds collected solely from service charges, user rates, impact fees, and a portion of the City's CIT (Capital Improvement Tax).

A portion of the CIT funds is approved for water funding by the Board of Aldermen, as needed, each year as a subsidy to the IN-City users of the system. The subsidy helps maintains lower IN-City user rates and Out-of-City users do NOT benefit from the CIT, or any taxes, collected within the City limits of Osage Beach. All funds for the water system are administered in an enterprise account held separately from the City's general fund, per the City's Municipal Code.

The City's Utility billing, for both Sewer and Water users, is managed and administered in the Office of the City Treasurer, by the Utility Billing Clerk. All questions or concerns regarding billing of the City's utilities may be made via email or in person through the Office of the City Treasurer located at City Hall.