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All downloadable application for permits / licenses, forms, maps, or guidelines from all City departments are listed below in alphabetical order with their corresponding department. For more information about each document, click on the document's home department listed.

Document Title Department
Alcohol on Public Property - Application for Permit Parks & Recreation
Alcohol on Public Property - Ordinance Parks & Recreation
Police Department Allegation of Police Department Employee Misconduct Police
Application for Adult Entertainment Establishment City Clerk
Application for Special Event, Parade, or Festival Permit City Clerk
Application to Hire Osage Beach Personnel for Services Police 
Blasting/Explosive Application for Permit Building
Blasting/Explosive User Licensing Booklet - State of Missouri Building
Building Inspection Information Building
Building Permit Information Sheet & Fees Building
Building Permit Application - Residential Building
Building Permit Application - Commercial Building
Business/Merchant License Application City Clerk
City Ward Map Planning
Code Enforcement Complaint Form Building
Comprehensive Plan Planning
Contractor License Application City Clerk
Criminal Background Check Request City Clerk
Demolition Application for Permit Building
Design Guidelines - Section 1 - Overview Engineering
Design Guidelines - Section 2 - Water System Engineering
Design Guidelines - Section 3 - Sewerage System Engineering
Design Guidelines - Section 4 - Storm Drainage Engineering
Design Guidelines - Section 5 - Street, Roadways, and Parking Engineering
Design Guidelines - Section 6 - Road Cuts, Utility Trenches, and Excavation Engineering
Design Guidelines - Section 7 - Street Lights Engineering
Design Guidelines - Packet A - Water Information Engineering
Design Guidelines - Packet B - Sewer Information Engineering
Design Guidelines - Packet C - Sediment Control Plan, Storm Drainage Plan Information Engineering
Design Guidelines - Packet D - Road Cuts, Utility Trenches, Excavation Permit, Engineering
Design Guidelines - Packet E - Street Light Information Engineering
Direct Debit Form - Utility Payments City Treasurer
Dog License Application City Clerk
E-Verify (English) Human Resources
E-Verify (Spanish) Human Resources
Fireworks Display Permit Application City Clerk
Garage Sale Application City Clerk
Kennel License Application City Clerk
Land Use Map - Existing Planning
Land Use Map - Future Planning
Liquor License Application - New City Clerk
Liquor License Application - Renewal City Clerk
Masseur/Masseuse License Application City Clerk
Open/Public Record's Request Form City Clerk
Park Concession/Vendor Permit Parks & Recreation
Park Use Application for Permit Parks & Recreation
Pawn Shop License Application Parks & Recreation
Peddler, Solicitor & Canvasser Application City Clerk
Petition for Street Vacation City Clerk
Petition Requesting Annexation Planning
Police Department Employee Compliment Report Police
Police Ride-a-Long Request Form Police
Rezoning/Special Use Permit Application Planning
Right-to-Work (English) Human Resources
Right-to-Work (Spanish) Human Resources
ROW/Easement Application for Permit Building
Sign Application for Permit Building
Site Development - Application Building
Site Development - Schedule of Fees Building
Subdivision Request Application Planning
Taxicab/Limousine Permit Application City Clerk
Tent Permit Application City Clerk
TIF Application Procedures, Policy Considerations, and Application Form City Administrator
TIF Draft Funding Agreement (For Sample Purposes ONLY) City Administrator
Variance Request Application Planning
Waiver of Rights and Plea of Guilty City Attorney
Water & Sewer Rate Brochure   City Treasurer
Zoning Map Planning