How to File a Complaint

Complaints for code violations my be made in person or by phone to the Building Department at Osage Beach City Hall.

Complaint Forms are available and may emailed or faxed. Click Here to view.

Types of Code Violations

Below are the different types of code violations the compliance officer investigates:

  • Dangerous and Unsafe Structures: Single-Family, Multi-Family, Commercial, or Accessory Structures with conditions that are dilapidated, deterioration, decaying, faulty construction, or neglect. Removal of some or, all the structure is often required. These structures are in violation of the City Ordinance, life safety, and are often unfit for human occupancy and/ or use.
  • Litter on Private Property: Dumpsters overflowing
  • Junk and Debris in Front Yard: Inoperable vehicles, trash, junk, litter, etc. in a front yard
  • Recreational Vehicles/Boats:  Residential violations of storage restrictions
  • Overgrown Vegetation and Weeds: maintenance of yard/property or vacant lot
  • Signs: sign violations such as unapproved, non-temporary signs and/or location of signs
  • Working without a Permit: Construction- structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, etc. without proper building/site permits
  • Land Use Violations: Zoning and development violations such as businesses in non-permitted zone, setback violations