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Water Department
Justin Ruble
Water Department Foreman

Utility Billing Questions and Inquiries
Ph. (573) 302-2000 ext.222

5757 Chapel Dr
Osage Beach, MO  65065

Ph: (573) 302-2020
Fx: (573) 302-2043

Monday - Friday
7:00 am - 4:00 pm

After Hours Call:
(573) 302-2010
The Water Department delivers and treats safe drinking water from the City's wells and towers to residents, businesses, and visitor users of the system.   The City's water supply is solely supplied by underground wells and the department is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the City's system including citywide water conservation efforts to help manage the City's water demands.    

The City of Osage Beach began water infrastructure and operations in the late 1990s.   Today the City's water system is 98% built out and available to most all residents and businesses within the City limits.   The water system currently serves over 5,400 equivalent users and consumption billed annually among those users averages over 300 MILLION gallons per year.    Infrastructure includes over 77 miles of water mains, 667 backflow preventers, 811 fire hydrants, 7 wells, and 4 water towers for storage.

The Water Department recognizes the importance of responsible and safe water supply and treatment to the public health and safety and the importance of fiscal responsibility.    The City's water system is complex and very unique given the Lake's topography, and the department continues to look for ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency, including streamlining services and consistently reviewing processes and policies to ensure the best job is done.

Water Department Services
  • Well and Tower Maintenance and Repair
  • Maintenance and Repair of water mains
  • Water line locates 
  • Meter reading, maintenance, repair, and operation
  • Water pressure and quality maintenance, testing and reporting 
  • Backflow prevention and operation

Annual Water Quality Reports (Consumer Confidence Reports) 
Annual reports are available shortly following the release of the report (usually by the end of June the following year).
View Most Recent Annual Report | View All

Backflow Inspection Information
Pursuant to Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR) Drinking Water Program regulation, certain customers of public water systems are required to have and maintain backflow assemblies on certain types of water lines and are required to have such assemblies tested by a Certified Backflow Inspector on an annual basis.  

The Water Department strives to ensure a safe and responsible water system is in place and provides courtesy advanced notification letters via mail for all testings coming due.   Those customers with the following service lines are required to have their backflow assembly tested:
  • Commercial water lines
  • Fire lines
  • Irrigation systems
  • Dock-supplied water lines
  • Other service lines as noted by the MoDNR

For more information regarding Backflow Prevention or Testing contact Missouri Department of Natural Resources/Water Protection Program or contact the Water Department directly.

Billie Looney
Utility Billing Clerk

1000 City Parkway
Osage Beach, MO  65065

Ph: (573) 302-2000 x222
Fx: (573) 302-0528

Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Water Department Funding
The City's entire water system, including maintenance, repair, line extensions, water treatment, delivery, personnel, and equipment is operated with funds collected solely from service charges, user rates, impact fees, and a portion of the City's CIT (Capital Improvement Tax).  

A portion of the CIT funds is approved for water funding by the Board of Aldermen, as needed, each year as a subsidy to the IN-City users of the system.   The subsidy helps maintains lower IN-City user rates and Out-of-City users do NOT benefit from the CIT, or any taxes, collected within the City limits of Osage Beach.   All funds for the water system are administered in an enterprise account held separately from the City's general fund, per the City's Municipal Code.

The City's Utility billing, for both Sewer and Water users, is managed and administered in the Office of the City Treasurer, by the Utility Billing Clerk.   All questions or concerns regarding billing of the City's utilities may be made via email or in person through the Office of the City Treasurer located at City Hall.

Utility Billing - Water Rates 

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Water User Charges effective until December 31, 2015
- Click Here for the "Water and Sewer Rate Schedule" -Effective January 1, 2014 -

Water User Charges effective January 1, 2016
- Click Here for the "Water and Sewer Rate Schedule" -Effective January 1, 2016 -

Users of the City's water system are charged a monthly minimum rate plus a volumetric rate based on their monthly metered water usage.    Customers who have an inactive or non-metered water service connection are charged the monthly minimum rate (per unit, if multi-family/multi-commercial) based on the meter size selected at sign up.   Make water/sewer bill payments online HERE.

Water Rates - Effective January 1, 2016

Minimum Monthly Bill
    Includes the first 1,000 gallons
        5/8" Meter
        1" Meter
        1 1/2" Meter
        2" Meter
        3" Meter
        4" Meter
        6" Meter

$    19.61    
$    26.99
$    34.36
$    54.67
$  204.17
$  259.53
$  314.90


$     84.09
$   117.27
$   150.44
$   241.67
$   913.49
Volumetric Rate Per 1,000 gallons                    $ 1.15 

City of Osage Beach • 1000 City Parkway • Osage Beach, MO 65065• 573-302-2000•
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