I have a lost dog or cat, what do I do?

If you have lost a dog or cat you may call the City or the surrounding animal shelters to see if your pet is at either location. When the City is called out to pick up lost or stray dogs or cats, an attempt is made to find the appropriate owner. Marked collars and ID chips work great and are the only source the City has in locating pet owners. The City has limited facilities to house animals for any length of time, therefore, if a lost or stray animal is not claimed by the owner or the owners can not be found in a reasonable time, the City will place the animal in an available shelter in the area.  Contact Lt. Taylor  (573) 302-2010 ext. 0.  The City works with several shelters located in the surrounding area, but the City only has one shelter within the City, Dogwood Animal Shelter - (573) 348-4411.

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