How do I reserve park facilities?

The sports fields (baseball/softball and soccer fields), pavilions, and/or other areas of either park are available for reservation by the public when not otherwise scheduled. Reservations must be approved and are on a first come, first served basis. What to do: 1) Visit, click on Departments>Parks & Recreation> Parks & Facilities>Make a Reservation; 2) Click "Make a Reservation here"; 3) You must first create a profile.  If you already have a profile, then click "Facilities"; 4) From here complete the reservation process by selecting the facility, rental time and date, and complete with payment and form completion.  If you have further questions or inquiries please contact the Parks Department at 573-302-7460.  For all other park inquiries contact the Parks and Recreation Department Manager directly at 573-302-2000 ext. 3000. 

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3. How do I reserve park facilities?
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