Sewer Department

The Sewer Department provides the City with a safe and efficient means of transporting the City's wastewater to the wastewater treatment plant, the Lake Ozark/Osage Beach Joint Sewer Treatment Plant. The treatment plant is a state of the art treatment facility shared by the Cities of Lake Ozark and Osage Beach and is located adjacent to the Osage River. The plant collects, treats, and disposes an average of nearly 2 million gallons of sewage daily from both Cities.

The City of Osage Beach began sewer infrastructure and operations in the mid-1980s. Today the City's sewer service area encompasses approximately 97% of the area within the City limits, and some users outside the City limits, serving over 6,300 equivalent users. Infrastructure includes over 143 miles of pressured sewer lines and over 9 miles of gravity sewer lines, 57 major lift stations, 1,115 grinder (minor) lift stations, 7 odor control facilities, and 2 EQ basins.

The Sewer Department recognizes the importance of responsible and safe wastewater transportation and treatment to the public health and safety and the importance of fiscal responsibility. The City's sewer system is complex and very unique given the Lake's topography, and the department continues to look for ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency, including streamlining services and consistently reviewing processes and policies to ensure the best job is done.

Sewer Department Services
  • Lift station and Grinder Pump Maintenance and Repair
  • Line Maintenance and Repair
  • Odor Control Facility Maintenance and Repair
  • Sewer Inspections associated with Building Permits
  • Sewer Line Locates
Questions regarding Billing - (573) 302-2000, ext. 1034. 
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  1. Nathan Earp

    Sewer Department Superintendent
    Phone: (573) 302-2020 ext 2000

  2. Vacant Position

    Sewer Department Foreman
    Phone: (573) 302-2020 ext 2000