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Permits must be displayed on the job site along with all corresponding documentations including the approved job copy of construction plans.

Required Inspection Information

It is the responsibility of the Permit Applicant or their Authorized Designee to call for all required inspections. Requests for inspections must be made at least four (4) hours in advance. The permit number must be supplied for all scheduling requests.

Inspections are scheduled Monday through Friday during regular business hours and scheduled on the following:

  • Afternoon Inspections: Minimum 4-hour notice, calling before 12PM can be scheduled that same day 
  • Morning Inspections: Minimum 4-hour notice, calling after 12PM will be scheduled the next business day 

The following list of inspections are required during the construction of all residential and commercial buildings within the city limits of Osage Beach.

  • Concrete (CALL BEFORE YOU POUR) piers, footings, foundations walls, and slabs
  • In ground plumbing and electric (CALL BEFORE YOU COVER)
  • Rough-In plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and framing (CALL BEFORE YOU COVER)
  • Electric Meter Ameren won’t hook up without a sticker from the City of Osage Beach
    • It is the contractor’s responsibility to contact Ameren for service 1-800-552-7583
  • Water Inspections (CALL BEFORE YOU COVER)
    • Service Line, Service Line Tap, Final
  • Sewer Inspections (CALL BEFORE YOU COVER)
    • Gravity Line, Pressure Test, Lift/Grinder Station, Electric Meter, Final (easements and pump numbers must be provided to building department.)
  •  Building Final (Before Use or Occupancy)

A Certificate of Occupancy shall be issued following an approved building final. The water and sewer must be finalized before a Certificate of Occupancy can be issued.  Per City Ordinance (Chapter 111-Section 111.1/ ICC 2018 International Building Code) a building or structure shall not be used or occupied in whole or in part until the final inspection has been approved by the Building Department, and a Certificate of Occupancy issued by the Building Official. 

  1. Josh Johns

    Building Inspector

  2. Physical Address
    1000 City Parkway
    Osage Beach, MO 65065

    Fax: (573) 302-2039

  3. Loyd Dunham

    Building Inspector

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Failure to have the required inspections performed may result in construction delays. Be sure to comply with all procedures listed above.