Building Department

The Building Department is responsible for ensuring the safe construction and occupancy of all new and existing structures within the City limits by enforcing the City's adopted building codes and all federal, state, and local laws governing construction and maintenance of property.

Responsibilities include:

  • Issuing residential and commercial permits for construction, reconstruction, demolition, and site development for all new and existing buildings/structures.
  • Providing plan review services.
  • Conducting site inspections for projects with active permits.
  • Checking for and ensuring compliance with the City's adopted building codes; including all federal, state, and local laws governing construction and maintenance of property.
  • Issuing Certificates of Occupancy for all buildings/structures.
  • Managing maintenance of City Hall, both the building and grounds.


Water Heater/HVAC alteration or replacement Permit - Effective 1/1/2022

Per the Building Official:

Effective January 1, 2022, a City of Osage Beach Building Permit must be obtained prior to altering or replacing any existing plumbing or mechanical system, including water heaters and HVAC equipment. 

Although dependent upon the scope of work, in many cases, such permit will only require a single inspection to ensure proper installation location, wiring, plumbing, venting, etc. as per the recently adopted 2018 International Building Codes and 2017 National Electrical Code.

A permit is not required for the replacement of any minor part that does not alter the approval of equipment or an appliance or make such equipment, appliance, or system unsafe.

As of July 1, 2021:  The 2018 International Building Code is hereby adopted as the Building Code of the City of Osage Beach for the control of buildings and structures within the City.



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