The Zoning Map illustrates the official boundaries of the zoning districts and the regulated identified uses within the stated districts in the City of Osage Beach. The Zoning Map is located in the Office of the City Clerk.

The City's Existing Land Use Map shows the existing mixture of general land use types throughout the City. According to the City's Comprehensive Plan, developed residential land uses account for 32% and developed commercial and industrial land uses account for 22%. Of the approximate 3,000 acres of undeveloped land, it is estimated that only 25% would accommodate new development given the topography of the City.

The Future Land Use Map is used as a general guide in making future land use decisions and evaluating appropriateness of specific development proposals. The map identifies the type and intensity of land use and identifies vacant and underutilized land use parcels for future development based on the future growth vision of the City.