Terms & Conditions

  • All individuals shall comply with the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) 2020 Archery Deer Hunting Regulations. 
  • All individuals must possess a valid Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) hunter certification or equivalent. 
  • All individuals wishing to hunt must register with Osage Beach Parks and Recreation (OBPR) and will be issued a permit at no cost. All individuals shall have their permit in their possession at all times while hunting.
  • All individuals shall notify OBPR whether any deer were havested and how many were harvested.
  • Individuals wishing to hunt must contact OBPR for access and reservations to specific properties. Properties will be available on a first come first serve basis.
  • Only one individual or party will be allowed on a specific property at a time.
  • Only City properties are available for the Managed Deer Hunt, with the exception of written permission from the land owner for their property. Hunting on private property still must be registered through OBPR, following the same guidelines.
  • It is expected that if an individual requests a time, date, and property, then they must hunt accordingly.
  • No individual/party will be able to reserve a piece of property for more than a week. However, it is strongly encouraged to reserve a piece of property on a daily basis as to allow more people the opportunity to hunt.
  • Every reasonable attempt to remove all remains of harvested deer promptly from the property shall be made and disposed according to MDC recommendations.
  • For individuals utilizing blinds/stands, they shall be removed on the last day you have reserved and cannot be setup prior to your reserved date. All blinds/stands shall be portable. The City is not responsible for blinds/stands. 
  • Any violation of these requirements may result in the forfeiture of your rights to participate in the Managed Deer Hunt.


Please refer to/see Municipal Code Chapter 207 for more information. You may contact Parks and Recreation Dept. with any questions.